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Working with a mentorship programme can make you 5 times more likely to succeed!!

All of our mentors have a wide range of experience to support and guide you through your development journey. We believe in you and your property dreams and will listen to any questions or concerns you have and help answer or find a solution with you.  

We will keep you accountable, especially on those days that you have lost your focus. We will help you review and analyse potential deals, recommend people for your ‘Dream Team’ help you overcome challenges when they come along. 

With our monthly face to face meetings, Private Facebook and WhatsApp Groups you will have all the support you need, on top of being surrounded by group of like-minded individuals who all share the same vision. 



As a member you will also get: 

  • Financial and Planning Clinics
  • The WhiteBox Vault
  • Monthly Webinars
  • Revisit the PDS Course for a Reduced cost
  • Accountability and Mindset Support
  • WB Starter Pack
  • Summer and Christmas Events
  • Social events throughout the year
  • Priority on WB Business Retreats 

Due to the high standard of the mentorship programme, our mastermind is limited and is only available to those who have attended either the 3-day Property Developers Secrets course or one of our online courses.  

To find out more about the 3-day course or online courses please click here


Over 2,500

students educated

Over £20,000,000

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Our own £21,395,000

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