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White Box Property Solutions not only teach people how to become property developers, they also help people grow their other businesses. Since 2017, we have run our Spring and Autumn Business Retreats in Bali and Croatia. Taking business owners out of their daily routine into a luxury and relaxed environment to work on their personal and business futures.

The venues for each retreat are selected very carefully, taking a lot into consideration. Our locations are private, quiet and free from distractions. They allow you to feel comfortable so that you are at ease and relaxed to really focus on your business .  The environment is a very important element to get the most out of the retreat.

“Awesome in-depth training, great for anyone who wants to become property developer or to get a better understanding of its mechanics. Prepare for a weekend of brain activity. Highly recommended”Peter Sevcovs

Business Retreat event

Business Retreat event

The retreats are a fantastic way to boost your business to the next level. The way that Andi & Lloyd (Co-Founders of White Box Property Solutions) run the retreats is very personal. They get to know who you are and how you have become the person that you are today. From there, they can guide you and your business to the next stage and future vision with the help of their guest mentors.

If you feel like you’re at a ceiling point in your business and unsure how to break through. This is the retreat for you.

If you’re struggling with your business or strategy and unsure on where to go. This is the retreat for you.

“Absolutely fantastic content, I’ve been in project management for a lifetime and there is still loads of new things that I have learned.
This is absolutely quality information for people new to the industry, along with professionals.” – David Warren

“Do it the White Box way!
Great online training one step at a time for the journey training at your own pace as and when you want.” – Robert Julie

“Excellent property development training by two highly successful property entrepreneurs that take you step by step through their property journey to explain how you can also undertake successful property developments and learn from their experiences to avoid the pitfalls. Highly recommended.
This is absolutely quality information for people new to the industry, along with professionals.” – Catherine Lewis

“Having just got back from the Whitebox Croatia Business retreat I can only say I’m blown away. I know already that this retreat will elevate myself and business to levels I wasn’t expecting. The experience as a whole was incredible and we will be there next year 100%. I been a member of the White Box community for over a year now and know that the quality of everything Andi and Lloyd deliver is amazing, but you have to experience a retreat to fully appreciate the impact it can have.” – Whitebox Croatia Retreat – Francesca Berry

Croatia - Spring Retreat

Bali - Autumn Retreat

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