Property Developer Secrets – 3 Day Course



Property Development is often mistaken to be hard to get into. Most people think that you need a lot of money, a lot of time and years of experience within the industry to succeed. Well that’s not true. We are proof that anyone can do it. All you need is the right power team behind you and the right education.

Getting the right education is the key to succeeding in property development.

Property Development is like a jigsaw. It is all about understanding what is involved and putting each piece of the puzzle in the right place to build the whole picture. Each piece of the puzzle is just as important as the next and understanding them is key. It’s definitely not for everyone, but for those who have the right mindset, drive and passion this course is for you.
On our 3 day Property Developers Secrets Course, we cover all of the puzzle pieces, from Planning consultants to architects, valuing a site all the way to the last piece of the exit strategy.



Like all good things in life, Developments are challenging, but once you have the right education, you will understand how to overcome challenges and how to succeed. We don’t just teach you the process, we are 100% transparent with you and will go through challenges that we have faced, from material price increases, covid, investors pulling out and explain how we overcame them. Nothing is off limits!!

By the end of day one you will have the skill and knowledge to not only find your own development opportunities but be able to value the land so you can make a credible offer, create an offer pack to back up your offer to agents or land owners, understand and find the ultimate ‘Power Team’ right for you. Having the skills to know how to structure your development and make sure you know everything about your exit strategies to go down the right path.

Day two will leave you with the ability to raise joint venture finance (including the legal side to setting this up) or going down the 100% development approach. Putting together a ‘stand out’ investor pack to present to potential investors, with the mindset to enable you to successfully present it. Developments with throw challenges at you constantly, but we prepare you for what to look out for throughout the development. To end the day you will be shown how to maximise the rent to achieve the highest possible with strategic planning and Lloyds ‘Fluffy Cushion’ finishing touches.

To round up the three days and the final pieces of the puzzle, Our Project Manager will have intensely covered build costs, schedules of works, H&S, rules and regulations and most importantly how to work with your construction team so that your developments run as smoothly and safely as possible. Once you have successfully completed your first development, you will know how to refinance or sell your development using one of the exit strategies learnt.