When Your Reason Why Outweighs The Reason You Can’t… You Will!!!

Published on 1 April 2018

When your reason why outweighs the reason you can’t… YOU WILL!!!

Talking about how we started in property developments on our 3 day property developers secrets course, I highlighted to our students that when your reason why outweighs the reason you can’t, you will do it.

For example. One of the questions we ask at the beginning of the day is “what is stopping you doing a property development deal?” Some of the answers were…

Let me take you back to 2005. When I was travelling around New Zealand and Australia, I had a travel journal that my dad gave me. I filled it out as a journal for 2 weeks before I either forgot to fill it in or got bored filling it in (probably the latter). Instead I wrote out business ideas. 

From as early as I can remember, I didn’t want a boss, I didn’t want to work for someone. I was creative and wanted to create my own future. I wanted to own a business. I just didn’t know what business. The ideas in the book, I keep today. I still have the ideas but never took action. I returned to the UK in 2006 and got a JOB! – Why? Maybe I lacked knowledge, I was fearful, I had no money, many of the same reasons people don’t get into developments.

7 years on, I was still working full time for someone else. My dreams of starting my own business was fading away. Until one day… 4th November 2013. The day my Dad lost his battle to cancer. He was 54… It was that moment, in the hospice room, that I was starring at my Dad, who was looking so peaceful and free from pain that I said to myself, NOW IS THE TIME TO DO WHAT I WANT TO DO!… The reason I thought that was because time is short… 

Sometimes too short! You don’t control your lifetime, so take control of the life you have before its time.
My why was huge! I had always wanted my own business and now it had just been cemented in my brain that it is going to happen. All of those reason why I couldn’t, (or thats what I thought) were eradicated. I went out of my way to talk to people who own businesses and quiz them… What is VAT, how do you get customers, how do you invoice? Very basic questions… I was selling LED lights at the time and so that is what I knew… I was going to start a lighting design business… That was until 27th December when Andi Cooke called me to say he had been reading a property investing book and wondered if I wanted to look into it with him. (Andi was one of those people who I had quizzed about starting a business)… Luck? Not a chance! It was activity which created the opportunity. My why grew stronger when my Grandad passed away 56 days after may Dad…

The reasons people give us about why they haven’t started property development yet are the exact reasons that I had when I started. But it didn’t stop me… Because, my why was bigger! Life is too short.

If you have no knowledge – Learn It
If you’ve not got the mindset – Sort It
If you struggle finding deals – Learn It
If you have no track record – Borrow It
If you can’t value land – Learn It
If finance & funding is a problem – Learn & Borrow It
If location is a problem – It shouldn’t be 
If fear is a problem – Learn to get over it, it will always be with you 
If you don’t have the time – You why is not big enough. (Make the time)

​“The trouble with excuses is that they become inevitably difficult to believe after they’ve been used a couple of times.” ― Scott Spencer

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