Our Site Visit to One of Our Students Sites… £550,000 Profit in This One!

Published on 26 July 2017

How to turn £1,997+vat into £550,000 Profit…
Today we visited Ricky Darlow and James Hemphill‘s development in Nuneaton. 
Ricky & James attended our course in January 2016. 2 weeks after they had found 2 plots on Rightmove. During their Mastermind Mentoring session we looked at both plots and advised that this site was the better option, despite the other one being closer to their home. 
The guys went through the planning process which wasnt straight forward to due the council but they eventually got full planning for 10 houses. 
Their exit strategy is to sell these properties at the end. 
In 2016, they took action by attending our course to educate themselves. They then took further action to implement their training and got stuck in on their development journey. 
One of their biggest challenges the guys had, was raising the finance for the site. You might be able to relate to this yourself… How many times have you thought, ‘I can’t raise finance”… Well these guys are proof that if you tell yourself that you will find the funds, then you will… Property development is very much about mindset as it is the deal. 
It was a pleasure to visit the site today and see how well Ricky and James (who’s company is Darlow Hemphill Ltd) have done. This is their first site… It was very professional looking, very tidy and very interesting to see. 
Hats off to the guys as they have firstly educated themselves and taken action to make their dreams into reality. 
They will be selling these properties in September. If you have any interest in purchasing any of them, plan please get in contact with the guys. 
The out line figures are as followed…
GDV – £2,400,000
Land Purchase – £280,000 
Build Costs – £1,200,000
Total Spend – £1,850,000
Profit – £550,000
They haven’t done anything special apart from follow what we have done and what we have taught them. 
Super proud of what they have achieved not only on this site but on their business and future investments. 
Definitely worth catching up with these guys for a coffee at some point if you want to find out more. 
If you have ever thought about investing in yourself we have course dates in September and November. 
For the real action takers we have 1 place left this weekend… 
YOU could be the next site we visit… 
YOU could have £550,000 profit…

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