Discover How to Build Your Own Portfolio… Literally!

Published on 18 July 2017

Property Development is often thought to be hard to get into. Most people think that you need a lot of money, time and knowledge. In fact the only part of that that you NEED to get started is knowledge. 

Have you ever read a job offer and you see ‘must be experienced’… Well thats quite annoying when you are just starting out… It like you have to start from the bottom. With the Property Developers Discovery day by White Box Property Solutions, you can leap frog the start and get into developments. Without experience. The team at White Box teach you what you need to know, no matter what stage of your property journey you are on. 

The day is designed to show you that you can become a developer. You don’t need money or time… You just need to know the model, know what to do and who you need in your power team.

As Wayne Gretzky once said… ‘You miss 100% of the shots, you don’t take”… Take a shot if you want to succeed. Change your destiny by investing in your education

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